2014 Field Day Planning Begins

Don't be left out on Field Day (June 27-29) this year.  Planning has already begun for SJRA's annual effort at Savich Field in Marlton.  You can assure your place as an operator by negotiating with your favorite band captain for a slot (see Field Day schedule on this web site).  But many other tasks are still open as well, and there never are enough participants.  Field Day is a great chance for less experienced amateurs in the club to absorb the expertise of those who have been working the event for decades.

Where else can you more easily learn to assemble a yagi, raise a mobile tower, make a distant contact, operate a logging program, set up an operating station, or simply get through on the repeater?  And there are other clever skills like making a satellite contact, or sending an NTS message, or running a station on generator power that you can pick up with a little effort.  The know-how to do all of these things and much more will be on display at Savich Field on June 27-29.  One only needs to watch, ask, and participate.  And SJRA needs your help

Some activities where SJRA always needs help are listed below. 
- Get On The Air (GOTA) coach (9am Saturday – 2pm Sunday)
- NTS Message handling crew (Sunday morning)
- Satellite contact crew (see KC2TN for schedule)
- Alternate power crew (2-4pm Saturday)
- Antenna assembly crew (9am Friday – 2pm Saturday)
- Tower raising crew (9am Friday – 2pm Saturday)
- Caution tape crew (Friday evening)
- Signs crew (9am Friday – 2pm Saturday)
- Station set-up crews (cables, generators, computers, links, radios)( 9am Friday – 2pm Saturday)
- W1AW message copier (phone, CW, or RTTY – recording to transcription allowed, even a home)
- Hospitality (burgers and soda) staff (1-3pm Saturday)
- Attending Invited Elected official recruiter (start now)
- Youth (< or =18) participation recruiter or participant (start now)
- Station operator or trainee (2pm Saturday – 2pm Sunday)
- Public information table host (1-4pm Saturday)
- Take-down crews (2-6pm Sunday)

More information on these is available from KV2R (kv2rrich@gmail.com).