Boy Scout Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) October 15, 2011

N3RG surrounded by scouts
W2MC Operating
W2H-Ray N3RG operating
N3RG demonstrating Amateur Radio to several Girl Scouts
WA2DWX surrounded by scouts

The South Jersey Radio Association participated with the Southern New Jersey Council of the Boy Scouts of America to participate with the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) on Saturday October 15, 2011. We operated with the special call "W2H" at Pine Hill as part of “Harvest Fest” – A day-long event that included other activities (Fishing, Dog Training, Fire, Police, Crafts, Hayrides – it was great!) Participating from the SJRA: – Ray Golley, N3RG – Jon MacMillan, W2MC From the Southern New Jersey Council, BSA: – Dave West Jr. N2XHJ – Dave West Sr. WA2DWX JOTA is an annual event in which Boy and Girl Scouts and Guides from all over the world speak to each other by means of Amateur (ham) Radio. Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared via radio waves. Since 1958, when the first JOTA was held, millions of Scouts have met each other through this event. With no restrictions on age or on the number of participants, and at little or no expense, JOTA allows Scouts to contact each other by ham radio. The radio stations are operated by licensed amateur radio operators. Many Scouts and leaders hold licenses and have their own stations, but the majority participate in JOTA through stations operated by local radio clubs and individual radio amateurs. JOTA is an international event, with participants all over the world. Equipment used for the event included: Station #1 – 10 20 40 Meters, and VHF Antenna: Cushcraft A3 tribander with 40 Meter Kit –modified to include a J-Pole for 2 Meters Mast: US Army Surplus AB-577/GRC 50 foot tower HF: Yaesu FT-767GX VHF: Radio Shack HTX-212 and Yaesu FT-736R Station #2 – 15 Meters Antenna: Hustler Mobile Mounted on Station Wagon HF: Ten Tec Omni D Station #3 – Shortwave, Broadcast, and Scanning Receivers Equipment: Various receivers, including Drake and US Military Surplus Antenna: Long wire Contacts made during JOTA 2011: • 10 Meters: – W9BAC Texas – W5SSB Texas – G0HVQ Darrell in England – Celebrating Guy Fawkes Day – MI0SAI Simon in Northern Ireland – XE1FSK Daniel in Guadalajara. Mexico • 15 Meters: – W0BTU Mike in Missouri – AB4QW Pete in Alabama – HB9S Headquarters, World Scout Bureau in Geneva, Switzerland – WB4QNX Dan in Florida – SP5G Robert in Poland – AC0XK Lyle (Mobile) in Nebraska – KB0LF Fred in Nebraska • 20 Meters: – K4TJO Florida – K1DGW Georgia – WN4BSA Ed on Johns Island, Charleston SC – WB4QNX Larry in Boca Raton Florida – KJ4RHP Mike in Boca Raton Florida – AA4TX Florida • 40 Meters: – K8FEY/P Bob in Andover, Ohio – K3Z Ed with Troop 108 in East Greenville, Pennsylvania – K3QYE Lloyd in Virginia – KC2WI Lewis in New York – W2CJS Clark in Long Lake, New York – KA2KJZ Chuck in Brick, New Jersey – KC2RA John, Michael, and Mathew in Staten Island, New York – K1XO Trevor in New Hartford, Connecticut – W4ZA Chris in Camp Saunders Boy Scout Camp, Virginia – KJ4EWX Patrick (with Cub Scouts) in North Carolina – WB8CTC/P Joe in Wheeling, West Virginia