Earn Your SJRA Historic SJRA/100 Centennial QSL Card this Weekend!

South Jersey Radio Association is celebrating its 100th year in 2016, including operating K2AA/100 during the January VHF contest.  This is a great opportunity to collect your first historic, commemorative Centennial QSL card sponsored by SJRA.  The contest runs from 2pm Saturday January 30 to 11pm Sunday January 31, local time, but one does not need to operate in the contest to make a contact or to obtain your Centennial QSL card.   Your contact WILL help SJRA/K2AA/100 improve its score in the contest.

SJRA Centennial LogoThe station will operate for most of the reasonable hours of the contest and some less reasonable.  The station will be located in FM29mu in Voorhees, NJ (N 39⁰ 51.145’, W 74⁰ 58.592’, 1 km east of Echelon Mall).  The operation will transmit on 2m SSB and FM, 6m SSB, and 432 MHz SSB, although on only one frequency at a time according to the rules for Single Operator, 3-Band.

A tentative plan for band operation is listed below, but may be altered in response to conditions, in- process contacts, and other necessities:

• 2m FM: Especially but not exclusively for club members on 146.465 at the top of each hour: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 pm Saturday; at the top of each hour 11 am, 12, 2, 4, and 8 pm Sunday.  The station will attempt to monitor 146.465 MHz at other times, but noise will be squelched.

• 2m SSB: On 144.200 MHz, or nearby as frequency availability permits.  This is expected to be the primary station operation during mid-day hours (10 am-4 pm) and during evening operation (8-midnight).  However, scans of 6m at 50.200 MHz (or nearby as needed) will be conducted periodically as well during these hours and during hours of apparent openings.

• 6m SSB: On 50.200 MHz, or nearby as frequency availability permits.   This is expected to be the primary station operation during dusk hours (4pm-8pm) on both Saturday and Sunday.  Quick scans of 2m will be conducted periodically on 2m at 144.200 (or nearby) during this time.

• 0.7 m SSB: This band will be used to make contacts of opportunity or in response to verbal agreements made on the primary bands of operation.  Preferred frequency will be 432.200 MHz, which will also be monitored as much as possible.

An historic, attractive, commemorative K2AA/100 QSL card will be available soon by QSLing K2AA/100 (see QRZ.com for address for KV2R, QSL manager for this contest) or to club members and guests at regular SJRA meetings.  No electronic QSL techniques will be used.