Editing Tables in Drupal

I have been able to edit some of the properties of tables in the web site.

Borders - One can change the border color of a cell by right clicking on it (in edit mode), and then clicking on cell properties in the list that pops up.  Then type black (or some other color) in the window for border color.  This is important because the default apparently is white, which does not look very good.  I have fixed all of the field day tables and also the table with the list of club presidents.  There are more tables to be done at this point.  Again, this just does one cell.  Some tables are too large for this.

Borders of whole tables - This is harder and does not seem to be entirely systematic.  You need to click initially on the table so that it is highlighted including the squares at the corners and the midpoints of edges.  Below the entry window you will see some entries like body and table (these when you have selected the table, body and p when you are just typing text).  But you need to get the word tbody to show up in this lower margin of the input window.  I think if you click on the word table (of body and table, after you click on the table), then tbody shows up.  Maybe this only happens after you click on one of the cells in the table (but not one of the cells in the header of the table).  Anyway as before when you right click on one of the cells in the table, then you get the cell menu where you can select border color as above.  You will know it is going to work if all of the cell entries in the table are highlighted in blue print.

Really the whole table -  Well the above does not get the headers for tables with headers.  (That is part of the reason you do not use a header cell to right click on above).  Despite the fact that there is a word thead that shows up in the lower input window margin, I have mostly not been able to get the headers to change border color with the rest of the table.  (But once I got all of the tables on the page to change to black borders in one swoop - but don't know how I did it).  I mostly have used the single cell method to get the header cells to change border color.

I was also able to get an option to show up that allows you to add rows to a table.  Basically you do something like the procedures above, but instead of cell, you hover on row in the window, and then a window comes up that allows you to add a row before or after the row you right clicked on.  I think there also is an option do delete the row that you right clicked on (well, the row of the cell that you right clicked on).  It would be nice if we could get a document that tells you how to do this systematically.  I learned the above by painful trial and error.

One final word.  If you are trying to change a cell or row property as above, but the menu only comes up with table property options (not cell or row or column), then you have done something wrong, and you need to start over.