Get Ready for the New Jersey QSO Party! July 27-28

The New Jersey QSO Party will be upon us in just a couple weeks.  It is a good opportunity to make contacts within New Jersey and around the world in a relaxed environment.  So if Field Day is too much like a fire hose for you, the NJQP might be a better fit.  The contest runs from noon to midnight on Saturday July 27 and from 9am to 4pm on Sunday July 28.  See for details.

The main contest involves the 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands, but there is also a separate 2-meter contest.  The contest allows NJ stations to contact other stations in all NJ counties, all states, and all countries; and each of those distinct locations is a multiplier.  Because NJQP activity does not usually flood the bands, the folks at NJQP (Burlington County Radio Club is sponsoring) have suggested a set of frequencies (MHz) where one might find activity if it does not come to you quickly.

Band\Mode       CW SSB
         80 m       3.55                             3.825
         40 m       7.05                             7.21
         20 m     14.05                           14.25
         15 m     21.05                            21.4
         10 m     28.05                            28.4
           2 m       ---                Simplex, not 146.52