Good Turnout for SJRA Field Day

A total of 50 members and other participants turned out for SJRA Field Day and picnic on June 22 and 23.  Mother Nature provided nice weather for the setup operation on Friday, and the hospitality operation supplied enough cold water, soft drinks, and hot dogs to keep people going through the operating period and takedown on Sunday afternoon.  Al (N3AVT) also supplied hoagies during setup, and Bob (N2SCJ) and Roy (WB2EOD) cooked hot breakfast items on Saturday and Sunday morning.  The efforts of all these people resulted in a great score of 13224 points for our 6A SNJ entry.  As a bonus (not a bonus points item) we were given an opportunity to improve the 40 m SSB station for next year as the antenna unfortunately fell during takedown.  No one was injured, and all participants enjoyed the 3-day Emergency Communications Working Group.  Hope to see everyone next year for a bigger and better time.