Inexperienced Hams - Your Opportunity for Field Day

New and inexperienced hams, your time to get into Ham Radio is waiting at the SJRA GOTA station on June 28 and June 29.  Working with the SJRA GOTA coach you will have a chance to operate for SJRA and gain points for Field Day.  You will get experience with calling CQ, responding to contacts, and logging contacts that you make.  GOTA stands for Get On The Air, which is what you will be doing.  And in the process you will be earning points for SJRA!  . . . 1 qso point for each contact.  If you make 20 contacts, there will be a bonus of an additional 20 qso points.  Since you will be working with a coach, each 20 contacts will earn an additional 20 points as well.  This is a total of 60 qso points for just 20 contacts.  Some of our younger members have done this in the past reaching more than 100 contacts for 300 points when bonuses are added.  You can do it too!  Contact the GOTA Captain for a slot, or just walk in during Field Day