Inserting Links in Web Site

I thought it would be useful to insert a short description of the process for linking from one page to another since it was not obvious to me.  My example is the link to the field day sign-up page from the main field day page.  In order to insert a link first type into the text some words that refer to the destination one desires.  One must be in the edit mode to do this.  For example, in order to take people to the FD sign-up page, I inserted the words "find yourself an open operating slot" into the main FD page article.  Then I highlighted those words using the left mouse button.  Then I clicked on the link icon in the edit menu.  A window comes up where you can insert the necessary information, which is the location of the page you are linking to.  The window already shows "http://" by default, and then there is a blank area for you to enter the rest of the address.  You must deselect the "http://" and choose <other>.  Then fill in the blank block. In this case, the remainder is "sjra-field-day-operating-schedule"  In the past we had used absolute addresses, which work but require modification between "dev" and "prod" and are tied to N2SCJ's computer.  Relative addressing is simpler and does not break as easily.  If you get it wrong then when in edit you can left click on the existing link words to get a window that will allow you to delete or edit the link.  You then can change the address information if it was not correct.  Note that the address must have these hyphens between words in a page title, even though there are no hyphens in the actual page title.  Also note that pictures are linked to the pages they are placed on in the HTML code.  If you change the name of a page, you must delete and re-insert the picture or else fix the HTML code.