K2AA Emergency Communications Workshop and Picnic - June 21, 22, 23

Everyone is reminded that due to a change in ARRL rules, the Emergency Communications Workshop (Field Day) set-up will begin about 9 am on Friday June 21 instead of the usual 2 pm time.

The hope is to finish the Friday set-up effort somewhat earlier than in the past, so that people can get some needed rest.  Or so that you can spend the evening copying the ARRL FD Bulletin for 100 Bonus Points! 

The SJRA Hospitality Station will be active starting Friday morning providing cold water or soft beverages to set-up personnel, and later nourishment to set-up team, lead-off operators, close-out operators, take-down personnel, and other attendees.

The picnic will be around 3pm on Saturday June 22.  The club will be providing water or soft drinks and a grill near the Hospitality Station where attendees may place their chair under the canopy and enjoy conversations with fellow members.  Attendees should bring their own food, desserts, and light chairs to to enjoy a great time.

The club is still recruiting a "little red wagon" by which Hospitality Personnel may distribute needed hydration to set-up and take-down personnel on the spots.  The wagon will be needed from early Friday to about 6pm Sunday.  Contact KV2M or KV2R.

Everyone (including non-members) is reminded that mostly-inactive operators and raw beginners - especially youths - are welcome at the GOTA station to get a taste of radio communication.