Low Power 40-m Receiver Project - Mario's Kit

40-m Low Power Receiver Kit Designed by Mario

During the October meeting about 20 adventuresome members took up Mario's challenge to build a radio receiver. Much of the meeting was spent getting each project on track. For example Lou N2HQL provided the KV2M/KV2R entry with some 0.022 in solder that greatly eased the soldering process. Since then the individual projects have been moving along at various speeds. KV2M/KV2R have mounted all but about 15 components, for example, and we probably are near the cow's tail. At the November meeting Mario promises to take us to the next level - placing our circuit board into its shielding box, attaching components to the box, and perhaps a bit of testing. It is all good fun, both for the people assembling kits and for those who just watched, gave encouraging comments, or learned something themselves. It should be noted that Mario suggested the idea, designed the receiver, made the circuit boards, obtain all the components, and assembled these wonderful kits complete with diagrams and instructions. The current KV2M/KV2R entry is pictured above. The antenna inputs are the holes at the left. The 9V battery will be connected through holes at the upper right. A tuning pot will be connected through the three enlarged holes at the bottom, and mounted to the container. The earphone connections are the holes on the lower right edge. For further description, contact Mario.