Rejuvinated K2AA Strikes Double Gold in 2016 Field Day

KD2AWE and KD2JPW Operate GOTASJRA had a whopping turnout of 69 people for Field Day this year as it marked its 100th anniversary, and this translated into a greatly improved score compared to recent years.   The performance was highlighted by great results from the 20m and 40m CW stations captained by Bob KE2D and Ray N3RG.  In addition,  GOTA captain Bobby KD2AWE (at left with KD2JPW) brought out a great score and many bonus points from the 13 participants.

Of interest as well was the wonderful food and refreshment provided by Dom KD2EPM.  He was on station from Friday lunch to late Sunday afternoon to keep the crews well fed.

Another promising aspect of this year's Field Day was the number of new member participants who had a really significant hand in setup, operating, and take-down.   There were always ample people to keep progress moving on at least a couple stations most of physical part of the process.  And a number of new or infrequent operators set personal highs for contacts made in a single Field Day.

Best of all, especially with the added emphasis on safety by ARRL, we had no persons injured in any way or any equipment damaged.  For more information about Field Day, turn to the Field Day tab.