Revised NJ QSO Party Leads Off October

Save Oct 4 and Oct 5 on your calendar for the New Jersey QSO Party.  This is a great friendly contest that is becoming more popular.  This year's date was matched with the California QSO Party, so that 10 m to 80 m contacts should be hot and heavy.  If you have not participated in a contest before, just be ready to give those California folks your CQP serial number and your state, and don't forget to mention that you are participating in both contests!  California operators will need the RST and your New Jersey county for the NJ QSO Party.  You will need their county and CQP serial number for the California QSO party.  See the web sites for the two contest to check all the details, and  Note that the NJQP has quite leisurely hours: noon to midnight on Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.  But the CQP lasts from noon on Saturday through 6pm (all local NJ times) on Sunday.