September - SJRA Members' Auction and VHF Contest

September is an important time for SJRA members because of the members’auction to be held at the regular club meeting September 25 and because of the ARRL VHF contest that occurs on the weekend of September 14.

At the September meeting any member will be able to auction off his unneeded equipment to an enthusiastic audience looking for bargains.  The $5 fee to auction helps the club treasury and discourages junk items.  So bring your valued but unwanted items to the meeting, and bring a little cash for those treasures you may want to purchase!

The bands at and above 50 MHz will be buzzing on September 14 and 15.  A good turn-out is expected from SJRA members, especially on 6m and 2m, so it is a good time to get on the air.  The ARRL offers awards on a section basis in quite a few categories, including FM only and 3-band (2m, 6m, and 0.7m).  See the ARRL website for details and for information about several other interesting contests: Classic Exchange (Sept 14, 15), South Carolina QSO Party (Sept 21), and Washington State Salmon Run (QSO Party – Sept 21).  And if you tune around on 2 meters September 28 you may be able to hear the music of Moon Man Ray N3RG as he uses JT65B to contact other earthly stations via Earth-Moon-Earth in his pursuit of 2m Worked All States, 2m DXCC, and the ARRL EME Contest.