SJRA Centennial Bumper Magnets Now Available

SJRA Centennial Car Bumper Magnet

SJRA is pleased to announce that official SJRA Centennial bumper magnets are now available.  These six-inch-diameter emblems may be attached to your (steel) automobile and displayed proudly for years to come.  The club is asking a donation of $5 for each magnet.

The magnets display the SJRA Centennial emblem in a 6” diameter circle.  They are easily removable and reattachable at any time.  They have been checked for sufficient adhesion to your car at speeds in excess of 65 mph.  The new SJRA emblem is the usual SJRA emblem enhanced with a golden (actually yellow) lightning bolt.  To call attention to the Centennial, the words “100 Years” and “Amateur Radio” have been added to the center blue field along with a plot of a sine wave enclosing the founding and current years, 1916 and 2016.  We believe that any trailing driver with legal vision can read the bumper magnet from behind your car at a red light. 

Centennial Bumper Sticker 2So be the first on your block to mount one of these great bumper magnets to your mobile shack!  Be proud or your club and its amazing accomplishment of 100 consecutive years doing radio business.  There are not so many organizations of any kind that have lasted 100 years, especially on the local scene.  Of course, in future years these bumper signs will become great collector’s items, just like the SJRA coffee mugs that also are available.  Contact KV2R at an upcoming meeting or by phone (856-772-6475) or email ( to arrange for your amazing magnet.

These bumper magnets are awesome!