SJRA Centennial Committee Adopts 100 Yr Logo

The South Jersey Radio Association’s 100th Anniversary Committee has adopted a special logo for the events of 2016.  The centennial logo borrows from the club’s current logo as well as a very early SJRA logo that contained the date of the club’s inception.  The centennial logo is shown in the first figure to the left.  The centennial logo is intended to be used throughout the year 2016 to commemorate 100 uninterrupted years of South Jersey Radio Association operation. 

The centennial logo retains the current red lettering “South Jersey Radio Assn” and “K2AA” around a circular white periphery, but the interior portion is changed.  The central blue circle contains a red sine wave pattern that encloses the years 1916 and 2016 in its two lobes.  The words “100 Years Amateur Radio” are written around the edge of the blue center, and the whole emblem is emblazened by a bright yellow lightning bolt. 

The sine wave, the club’s founding date “1916,” and the lightning bolt are adapted from a very early SJRA (or perhaps SJWA, South Jersey Wireless Association) logo that historian KV2M found in the files.  A modern updVeryEarlySJRALogoate of the early SJRA logo (color added) is shown in the second figure to the right.  That early logo contained no club name.  The name of the club was changed from South Jersey Wireless Association to South Jersey Radio Association when amateur radio operating privileges were restored after WWI in 1919. Wireless (spark gap) transmission was forbidden after 1926 in favor of CW.  SJRA obtained the call sign K2AA in 1950.

The centennial logo will replace the current logo on SJRA publications and other materials during 2016, and a special banner will probably be created.  An electronic version of the centennial logo will be available soon so that members and the club itself can create special QSL cards for use during the centennial year.  It is expected these centennial QSL cards will be highly sought after and will become collector’s items in future years.

 The third figure below shows the current SJRA logo for reference.