SJRA Elections Coming Up – Is This Your Year to Run?

SJRA will hold its biennial election at the May general meeting, but already Ray N3RG and his nominating committee are beating the bushes for new candidates for the board of directors and to fill spots among the club officers.  A slate of candidates must constitutionally be provided at the April meeting, at which time nominations are also accepted from the membership.  To be nominated a person only needs to state his willingness to serve in the post; candidates for president and vice president must have served on the board for one term. 

Several club officers and board members have already served many years in their positions, so that there is a need for new candidates.  Certainly the board is looking forward to welcoming some new faces to the group in June 2017.

If you would like to nominate someone, first obtain the person’s agreement to serve and then contact Ray N3RG (  If you would like to be nominated, find a nominator or just call Ray who will gladly find someone to nominate you.  New nominees either will be placed directly on the slate, or they may be listed in April as alternative candidates along with any nominated at the April meeting.

The current board of directors consists of Al N3AVT, Ira W2IRA, Rick W2JAZ, Rich KV2R, Roy WB2EOD, Ted KD2ARD, and Tony N2ABT.  The officers are Ken K2WB, president; Jon W2MC, vice president; Ray N3RG, treasurer; Lou N2HQL, recording secretary; and Dennis AC2FO, corresponding secretary.