State QSO Parties and CQ World Wide DX Dot October Calendar

October appears to be the month for participation in state QSO parties, which makes for stimulating weekends for ham radio operators with a mind for contesting.  And the month finishes off with a great contest for DX minded operators on HF.  The ARRL Contest Corral summarizes the major parameters of these contests as well as many others this month – , then select the month from the list near the bottom of the page.  And don’t forget October 23, the date when Mario (N2AK) will present the transmit side of the 40 m QRP radio kit.


The state QSO parties are excellent contests for new operators to start with.  The atmosphere is more friendly than competitive.  You get to pick a contest to your advantage in October.   With just 2 m and an 80 m dipole you might enjoy the Pennsylvania QSO party (2-160m) on October 12.  A similar statement might be made for the New York QSO party on October 19.  For those  more specialized in HF, you can pick from Arizona (2-160m, Oct 12), Iowa (2-160m, Oct 19), or Illinois (2-160m, Oct 20).  The California QSO party occurred before publication here (Oct 5), but you can use the CT California QSO party software for many other state contests.


For those interested in DX CC, the CQ World Wide DX Contest (10-160m) is one of the best events available all year.  But be prepared for pile-ups on the most-sought-for countries and for very high band activity.  And have your QSL cards ready right after the contest.  The lambs of us might skip the beginning hours when 100 W has a tough time competing.


Mario has completed the design of a transmitter to be mated with the QRP receiver from last year.  He will explain the design as part of the presentation for the October 23 SJRA members meeting.


If contesting is not your scene, you might want to check into SJRA nets on Monday (2m) and Thursday nights (10m) for some sure-fire QSOs.  See you there and on the air.