Two Big Weekends for Contesters

The weekends of Sept 12-13 and Sept 19-20 are great ones for contesting.  The VHF sweepstakes is a low pressure, high-prestige contest on a regional scale.  If you have 2 m or 6m, you cancertainly rack up a respectable score, and credit it to SJRA.  There are entry categories for FM-only and 3-band (2m, 6m, and 432 MHz) for those who have not ventured into higher frequencies.  The objective is to get as many contacts and as many grid squares into your log.  For more information, see the On the Air/Contests section of the ARRL web site,

On September 19-20 the New Jersey QSO party is a great contest for beginners and oldtimers alike.  Take note that K2WB and W2MC will be covering all South Jersey counties in a roover operation making easy pickings for those trying to contact all the counties.  And everyone will be looking for you either because you are in New Jersey or because of your county.  See for more details including frequencies and times.  Good luck in these contests!