Updating Field Day Most Recent Year Button

This needs to be done every year because the button has the ARRL logo for FD for that year.  Both the picture, the label, and the link to the actual page must be updated.  The new 20XX Field Day Summary page should be already created in the system, including text and pictures, and should be complete and finished.

First one uploads the ARRL FD logo for that year.  This wants to be a picture of dimension 195 by 195 pixels, but one can fix that later.  For starters, it should be not more that a couple hundred kilobytes.  Usually it is a lot less.  Store the file in the pictures folder.

Then go to the FD main page, click on edit mode, and scroll down to the second button at the bottom from the left.  Click on the little wheel-shaped icon that appears in the top right of the picture.  This will allow you to edit this block. 

First insert the new logo to the right of the existing one (which I think will happen by default).  Just click on the image icon in the menu of options at the top.  This brings up the usual picture insertion window.  First, select the new image using the browser.  I think you need to double click on the name in order for it to take.  This brings up an image properties window.  Set the image height and width to 195 pixels.  No other properties need to be (or should be) set.  You may need to set the height or width several times to make it take.  The picture should then show up to the right of the one from last year in the block.  Next, delete the existing (last year's) picture.  The new picture should immediately and automatically shift to the location where the old one was (the correct place).

Next, edit the text to the lower left of the picture to reflect the correct year (e.g. 2014 for 2014).  Simply put the cursor to the right of the digits to be changed, backspace, and type the correct digits.  Next, right click on this same line (it is underlined indicating it is a link).  This brings up a dialog box with one choice to edit the link.  Select the edit link option.  One of the things one can edit is the name of the page being linked to.  Change this to the new page.  (The page for systematicity should always be called 20XX Field Day Summary, but it shows up in the box as 20XX-field-day-summary).

It might be a good idea to preview the changes.