2000 Field Day Summary

FD 2000 Savich Field SiteThe year 2000 was the first year for SJRA at the current Savich Field site.  The picture above is an aerial view of the site looking west toward Marlton.  All of the Field Day equipment must be located within a 1000 ft diameter circle according to ARRL rules.  Most of the SJRA equipment was located near the line of trees that crosses the open space near its middle, so that operating stations could be located in shade.

Relocation from the Medford site (near the Water tower that houses the K2AA repeater) to the Savich Field site required a different approach.  In the past, many of the antennas were suspended from the water tower for great height advantages.  At Savich Field, antenna height has increasingly been achieved with the aid of AB577 army surplus mobile communications towers.  These are capable of placing antennas at a height of about 50 feet, which is adequate even for 40 m.  But 80 m and 160 m still require more height when it can be obtained.  We have used wire antennas suspended in the trees for these bands or inverted Vs.

In 2000, despite the shift in approach required by the shift from Medford, SJRA still managed to record 10576 points.