2001 Field Day Summary

Item/ Band

CW QSOs CW Pts SSB QSOs SSB Points Total
2001 FD QSO Points Summary by Band and Mode
80 m 378 1512 578 1156 2668
40 m 807 3228 792 1584 4812
20 m 548 2192 462 924 3116
15 m 336 1344 143 286 1630
10 m 24 96 32 64 160
6 m 1 4 116 232 236
2 m 1 4 18 36 40
Total 2095 8380 2141 4282 12662

The 2001 SJRA Field Day was again held at the Savich Field in Marlton, and the club achieved a good score of 14462 total points in the competition.  From the table at the left it can be seen that the 40 m stations posted the largest number of contacts in both CW and SSB.  Overall CW stations totaled almost twice as many points as SSB because CW contacts count twice as much as SSB in the score.  SJRA competed in the 6A entry category using 6 transmitters powered by emergency power (portable generators).  SJRA also picked up 136 more contacts for more than 250 more points with the free (does not count to transmitter count) VHF station.  It should be noted that 80m, 15 m, and 10 m operation were carrried out by single stations for each of CW and SSB so that these stations also achieved very impressive QSO totals.  The 20 m stations are somewhat hampered by the loss of propagation during the night time hours, so this is reflected in the totals for both stations.


K2UT and son watch N2AK make solar contactsA bonus point total of 1800 points, including 100 points each for ATV, SSTV, and APRR demos, and a satellite contact brought the final point total to 14462.  This was good for first place among the 6A entrants and for eleventh place overall in the contest.  At the right Bob K2UT and son Jason watch Mario N2AK make solar power QSOs for bonus points.