2004 Field Day Summary

Shawn K2SMD Launches ATV Equipped Helium Balloon2004 FD ATV Balloon Floats High Over SiteThe highlight of the 2004 SJRA Field Day was the ATV balloon prepared by Shawn K2SMD.  A colorful helium-filled balloon carried aloft a miniature ATV camera and transmitter.  From a height of more than 100 feet, the device transmitted a picture of the scene below.  Taking off from the SJRA banner laid out on the ground, the view eventually included much of the Field Day site.  And of course, the effort gained K2AA 100 bonus points as a demonstration of an alternate mode of amateur radio operation.

In addition to Shawn the VHF captain, the other 2004 leaders were Mario N2AK (10/15/80 m CW), Jon W2MC (10/15/80 m SSB, shown below collecting QRP contacts), Ray N3RG (20 m CW), Jerry KC2JJT (20 m SSB), Pat KD2P (40 m CW) , Ken K2WB (40 m SSB), and Ted W2TAG (GOTA).  Besides an improved QSO score (3976 contacts) the team garnered 1900 bonus points for a total score of 13852.  Despite rebounding from a somewhat lower score the previous year, K2AA only placed 3rd nationally in the 6A category.FD 2004 Jon W2MC Collects QRP Contacts