2010 Field Day Summary

Band\Item CW QSOs CW Points SSB QSOs SSB Points Total Points
2010 FD QSO Totals by Mode and Band
80 138 552 469 938 1490
40 983 3932 646 1292 5224
20 560 2240 344 688 2928
15 156 624 76 152 776
10 11 44 4 8 52
GOTA 0 0 248 496 496
Total 1848 7392 1787 3574 10966

Propagation was down due to the sunspot cycle in 2010, and the SJRA score for Field Day showed the impact of reduced propagation.  After years of 19534 and 14894, the club could only amass a score of 12856 total points.  But this was still good for second place nationally in the 6A catecory (6 transmitters powered by emergency generators).  The table at the right documents the contact totals on an individual band and mode basis.

Most SJRA stations were lower in QSO total compared to 2009, especially the 40 m SSB band which not only was impacted by reduced propagation, but also operated for much of the time with a faulty connection to the antenna that was finally corrected on Sunday morning.  Only the 20 CW and 80 SSB stations increased their point totals noticeably from the previous year.  This misfortune undoubtedly was largely due to reduced propagation.

FD 2010 GOTA Personnel Discuss Multi-band Inverted V Antenna

The GOTA station still managed to grind out 248 QSOs, and also racked up 240 bonus points thanks to careful management of the novice operator manpower.  And Jerry KC2JJT provided a lift by preparing a great educational demonstration on the multi-band inverted V antenna they used to accumulate the GOTA contacts.  The picture at the left below captures the spirit of Jerry’s educational demo.  This was the first year that an educational demonstration was part of the bonus points structure.  The total number of bonus points was 1890.