2011 Field Day Summary

Band\Label CW QSOs CW Points SSB QSOs SSB Points Total Points
2011 Bonus Points by Band and Mode
80 27 108 177 354 462
40 651 2604 888 1876 4480
20 516 2064 657 1314 3378
15 235 940 92 184 1124
10 20 80 170 340 420
6     141 282 282
Sat     2 4 4
GOTA     500   1000
Total 1449 5796 2627 5254 11050

In 2011 SJRA achieved its highest score in the GOTA category as it amassed the maximum of 500 GOTA QSOs as well as 400 GOTA bonus points thanks to efforts from Nate and Manny Gonzalez, x, and GOTA coach Jerry KC2JJT.  The total of 11050 QSO points and 2070 bonus points led to a total of 13120 points.  The table at the right shows the number of QSOs by band and mode.  It shows that while 40 m CW contacts were down compared to some other years, the GOTA boys helped the team to still record still a respectable number of contacts.  The VHF station, a free station under ARRL Field Day rules but not always part of the SJRA effort, also added an important stack of QSOs (6 m).

In 2011 SJRA scored a nice total of 2070 bonus points.  These are points awarded to the SJRA total by ARRL for activities that ARRL thinks generate interest in ham radio or help the hobby’s public image.

2011 FD Public Info TableThree pictures in this year’s summary illustrate some of the bonus point categories.  The first picture shows for SJRA president Shawn MacDonald attempting to optimize antenna pointing during a satellite contact attempt.  A satellite contact has been worth 100 bonus points for quite a few years now.  Next is a picture of SJRA’s public information display for 2011.  This was produced by KV2M and includes a display of special or unique QSL cards, 2011 ARRL Field Day poster, and the sign-in sheet.  The third picture shows  Shawn K2SMD with Burlington County Freeholder Joe Donnelly.  Both the info table and the visit by an elected official earn SJRA 100 bonus points.  If you know an elected official or have an ideal for a public information display, be sure to notify the Field Day chairman in order to help us with bonus points.

FD 2011 K2SMD Aims Satellite Antenna