2012 Field Day Summary


2012 QSOs and Points by Band
Band CW QSOs CW Points SSB QSOs SSB Points Total Pts
80 140 560 186 372 932
40 937 3748 987 1974 5722
20 428 1712 955 1910 3622
15 174 696 155 310 1006
Total 1679 6716 2283 4566 11282

QSO Count - SJRA operated six regular transmitters and the free GOTA transmitter during Field Day 2012. There were dedicated transmitters for 20 m and 40 m, sideband and CW. Two stations covered 15 m and 80 m, one for sideband and one for CW.  The GOTA station moved around the 20 m, 40 m, 80 m  bands and even 15 m using sideband and the call sign W2EA.  This year there was no VHF station.  SJRA had 42 participants.  The totals of contacts and QSO points are summarized in the following tables.  SJRA totalled 13318 points for 2012 for a fourth place finish in the 6A category.  The first table (right) shows the SJRA/K2AA contact totals and QSO points per band and mode.  Although the 40 m SSB station made the most contacts, Ray's (N3RG) 40 m CW team racked up more points because CW contacts are worth twice as much as SSB contacts.  Because SJRA used emergency power, the contact numbers are multiplied by two to compute the QSO points for SSB (and by 4 for CW).


GOTA Scoring 2012
172 GOTA Contacts
344 GOTA Points
140 Basic GOTA Bonus
140 Doubled Gota Bonus
624 Total GOTA Points

GOTA - Jerry KC2JJT again coached the GOTA team to a sizable score - 624 points.  They used the call sign W2EA.  Nate KC2UWF , a youth operator, was again the leading scorer and captured the maximum number of bonus points, but Denny KD5KVB also scored some bonus points for the club.  The second table shows the contribution of GOTA to the SJRA total.  All the GOTA bonus points were doubled due to continuous coaching.  Of course, the most important result was that the station provided new or inexperienced operators with a chance to operate.Nate KC2UWF Operates GOTA Station


Bonus Points - The team scored a total of 1410 bonus points (outside of GOTA) out of a total of 1850 available to us, but left some possible points on the floor by not following through on NTS messages, educational activity, and the elected official visitor.  These areas are evident in the summary of the bonus points below.  Some of these are areas were members might make a big contribution next year with a nominal effort.  For example, the W1AW Field Day bulletin may be copied at home on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday.

Bonus Points Summary 2012
Bonus Point Item Points
6 Emergency Powered Stations 600
Media Publicity 100
Public Location 100
Public Information Table 100
NTS Message to Section Manager 0
10 Additional NTS Messages 0
Satellite QSO 100
5 Alternate (Solar) Power Contacts 100
Copied W1AW FD Bulletin 100
Educational Activity 0
Visit by Invited Elected Official 0
Visit by Invited Official ARES-Served Agency 100
GOTA Bonus Points 280
Report Submission by .www 50
3 Youthful Operator Contacts 60
Total Bonus Points 1690


Overall K2AA Score - The overall score by the SJRA/K2AA team is sum of the regular QSO points, the GOTA QSO points, the satellite contact QSO points, and the bonus points.  The table at the left shows the stack-up of SJRA's score.  The club competed in the 6A (six transmitters, emergency power only) category with 42 other radio clubs, and SJRA fourth behind several new and impressive entrants in the category.  Among the more than 1200 total entrants in all categories, SJRA finished in 23rd place.  While this was a creditable effort, we hope to finish in more K2AA-ish style next year (see SJRA Field Day Record).

Overall SJRA/K2AA Score
Item Result
K2AA QSO Points 11282
GOTA QSO Points 344
Satellite QSO Points 2
Bonus Points 1690
Total Points 13318
Place in Category 4th
FD Place Overall 23rd