2014 Field Day Summary

Twenty-six SJRA members and twenty-two guests turned out for the 2014 Field Day at Savich Field on a weekend that was merciful in terms of temperature and productive in terms of results.  Despite some disappointing results from a couple stations and bonus points, the combined effort produced more total points for K2AA than were earned in 2013.  The main objective of transferring emergency communications expertise from the old guard to new members was significantly achieved, and participants were rewarded with gastronomical delight at Sunday lunch thanks to Dom.

The band captains this year did an excellent job of maximizing the K2AA QSO totals.  These leaders were N3RG Ray (40 m CW), AC2FO  Dennis (20 m SSB), N3AVT Al (80/15 m CW), K2WB Ken (40 m SSB), and W2MC Jon (80/15 m SSB).  Each of these stations exceeded its 2013 total of contacts.

Band\Item CW QSOs CWPoints SSB QSOs SSB Points Points
80 m 191 764 349 698 1462
40 m 1080 4320 934 1868 6188
20 m 163 652 1078 2156 2808
15 m 191 764 151 302 1066
10 m 2 8 112 224 232
  2 m 0 0 4 8 8
Totals 1627 6508 2628 5256 11764

The club again participated in ARRL’s national emergency preparedness drill in category 6A (six stations operating on emergency generator power).  The 11,764 total points amassed by the six stations was about a 5 per cent improvement over the recent years; it was fueled by amazing contact totals by 20 m SSB and 40 m CW of almost 1100 contacts each.  These two stations helped to make up for a weak 20 m CW result due to the lack of a band captain and limited operating time for that station.  The table at the right shows the details of the point totals by station.  Of course, CW contacts count for two points versus one for SSB, and the QSO points are multiplied by 2 for because of the power multiplier (100 W or less).  The QSO total points from these stations are augmented by 96 points (for 48 SSB GOTA contacts) and another 2 points for the satellite contact (also worth 100 bonus points) for a grand total of 11862 points from QSOs.

Mostly a new generation of operators turned out for the GOTA station, and they turned in a hard-won total of 48 contacts.  This is smaller than in some recent years, but experienced operators know well the difficulties of grasping the nuances of making contacts in the very trying conditions associated with Field Day.  We hope these operators will return next year with more experience under their belts, and that additional inexperienced operators will take up the challenge.  This makes us appreciate more the accomplishments of the Gonzalez brothers with KC2JJZ in years past, who give us confidence that the new generation of GOTA participants will do better next year.

KC2TN, W2JAZ, and AC2FO Make Satellite ContactThe SJRA efforts for bonus points was nearly as determined as ever, but time and the uncertainties of politics limited the bonus point total.  W2MC Jon supplied his usual 100 points for solar contacts, and KC2TN Joe bagged another satellite contact this year with help from W2JAZ Rich.  K2WB Ken, N3AVT Al, and N3RG Ray supplied emergency generator power for 600 bonus points.  KC2GNQ Chris acted as our ARES served agency representative for 100 points, and KV2M Mary’s poster was the center attraction of our info table for another 100 points.  WY2J John and W2JAZ Rich chipped in along with KV2R Rich with copies of the W1AW bulletin, so that SJRA garnered those 100 points as well.  Of course, the use of Savich Field, a public location, provided another 100 points.  We invited the Burlington County Times as well as other media to Field Day, and they wrote another nice article, so we received another 100 points for media publicity.  Cole, Harry, Joe, and Sam served as youth operators, each making a contact for 20 bonus points each.  Zach not only also served as our fifth youth operator (20 points), but he also won 40 more bonus points as the only GOTA operator to amass 20 contacts at that station.  In the waning moments of Field Day, NJ2IT Burton fired off three NTS messages to KV2R Rich, good for another 120 bonus points.  N3RG Ray provided a fine tutorial on attaching a connector to a coax, so SJRA earned 100 bonus points for that educational demonstration.  Finally SJRA received 50 additional points for submitting our report to ARRL using the web tool for scores.  The bonus point total therefore was 1710.

Item\Year 2012 2013 2014
Regular QSOs 11282 11148 11766
GOTA QSOs 344 144 96
Bonus Points 1690 1930 1710
Totals 13318 13224 13572

The complete summary of SJRA points for Field Day 2014 is shown in the table to the right.  This years total of 13572 points puts SJRA on an upward track for 2015.  More importantly it shows that SJRA still has and maintains a good capability for emergency communications.  And Dom has promised an even more apetizing gastronomical treat for 2015!