2016 Field Day Summary


The enthusiasm of the SJRA 100th anniversary brought out a recent-record 69 people to the 2016 version of ARRL Field Day at Savich Field.  SJRA operated as 6A, as usual in recent years, and scored a whopping total of 15006 points in the "non-contest."   Above, numerous members relax after accomplishing a setup milestone.

Band CW QSOs CW Pts SSB QSOs SSB Pts Total Pts
QSO Point Totals by Band/Mode
80 m   380   760     58 58   818
40 m 1047 2094   559 559 2653
20 m   832 1664   483 483 2147
15 m   104   208     79 79   287
10 m       5     10         10
6 m         40 40     40
Sat           1 1       1
GOTA       362 362   362
Totals 2368 4736 1582 1582 6318

The QSO scoring was led by the CW stations, including a startling 1047 QSOs on by N3RG Ray's 40 m station.  In the table at the left, one can see that the other two CW stations 20 m and 80+15 m also had substantial totals.  All the SSB stations experienced more difficulty, including a 25 per cent deficit compared to normal for 40 SSB which nevertheless was manned continuously for all 24 hours.  Of course, the entire 6318 point qso total is multiplied by two because of SJRA's use of emergency power, so that this contributes 12636 to the point total.  Then the  2370 bonus points bring the point total to 15006, a little more than 10 per cent more than the average for recent years. 6m was tried by the 80/15/10/6 m SSB station because 10 m and even 15 m did not have good propagation.

There were many heroes in Field Day this year.  Most prominent and most liked was Dom KD2EPM (right), who kept workers well nourished from Friday lunch through close-of-operations on Sunday.  His sumptuous omlet muffins and pasta dishes were chef's delights, but he supplied many hamburgers and hot dogs as well.  And he kept the party well hydrated with numerous cases of chilled bottles of water.  As if this weren't enough Dom convinced Marlton Fire Commisioner Bob Costello to attend, earning K2AA 100 bonus points.  Other prominent contributors were K2WB Ken, the field day chairman; KE2D Bob, the lead safety officer; W2MC Jon, lead tower raiser, solar guru, and 6/15/80 m SSB captain; and N3AVT Al, 15/80 m CW captain.

KD2AWE Bobby and KD2JPW Mark at GOTA Station




Under the leadership of KD2AWE Bobby, the GOTA team turned in a great total of 362 QSOs and earned 360 bonus points.  Thus they contributed more than 1000 points to the club's total of 15006.  A total of 13 people contributed to the GOTA QSO total, including 7 who scored at least 20 contacts and thereby earned a matching 20 (or more) bonus points.   At left Bobby and KD2JPW Mark are shown manning the GOTA station.   KE2D Bob, KV2R rich, and several others served as GOTA coaches.