2017 Field Day Summary

FD 2017 Hospitality tent with Dom KD2EPMFifty-six SJRA Field Day participants enjoyed Dom’s (KD2EPM) cuisine on the June 24-25 weekend while also piling up an astounding 3000 point improvement in the K2AA score.  We could do no wrong!  It goes to show that radio clubs as well as armies fight with their stomachs.  The final K2AA score was 18154 points!


Despite only about a 30 per cent turn-out by members, the station seats were manned most of the time.  Everyone there seemed to enjoy the three-day event, although a hot muggy air mass only moderated into mild, breezy, dry conditions after much of set-up on Friday was complete.  No one was injured, and no equipment was damaged, causing us to declare the event a victory.


One note-worthy change (besides the continually improving food) was the switch from the accustomed 6A entry to 7A (seven transmitters all powered by emergency power).  This had been prompted during planning by the fact that SJRA had not recently ranked first in its 6A category despite good scores that easily beat the best scores in 7A and many higher categories.  The change was also prompted by increased interest in digital radio by members.  Although only 168 points were scored by the digital station, it is felt that more participation may be forthcoming with an opportunity to experience the mode.  It should be noted that digital contacts, like CW, count twice as much as those by phone.


Mode\Band 20 m 40 m 80/15/10 m Total
FD Score Points Summary for 2017
CW 3872 4188 3156 11216
Digital 156 12 0 168
SSB 1268 2320 670 4270
GOTA 132 88 140 360
Totals 5296 6906 3826 16004

The three CW stations dominated the scoring with 2804 contacts.  The 20 CW station was close to 1000 contacts, 40 CW was over 1000 QSOs, and 80/15 CW was not far behind.   With the doubling of QSOs for the fact that they are CW and again doubling due to the use of emergency power, this represents more than 11000 of the 18154 point total.  The K2AA phone stations (20, 40, and 80/15 m SSB) totaled 2130 contacts, which doubled due to emergency power use, contributes another 4260 score points.  With its new antenna, the 40 SSB station led all stations with 1160 QSOs.  As was alluded to, the new digital station scored 42 contacts for 168 score points.  GOTA contributed 180 QSOs for 360 score points, and there were 2150 bonus points.  The attached table completely summarizes the contacts scoring.  The SSB total includes 2 points for the satellite contact.


GOTA Station ParticipantsBonus points were scored by the old standbys like emergency power use (700 points), public location (100), information table (100), media publicity (100), ARRL bulletin copy (100), etc.  Of course we always seem to have a satellite contact thanks to Joe KC2TN, but this is always interesting and not over ‘til it’s over.  Welcomed back in presence was Shawn (KC2SMD) who helped with the Social Media bonus points (100) along with Bob (KE2D) and Joe (KC2TN).  Ken (K2WB) acted as the primary safety officer (100 points), while Rich (KV2R) gave a demo on tower safety prior to tower dismantling on Sunday.  We were also graced with the presence of Chris (KC2GNQ) who both represents an ARES-served agency (Red Cross) (100 points) and is an elected official (100 points).  Numerous members ensured their children managed radio contacts, giving the club an additional 100 bonus points.  The GOTA team achieved 100 bonus points in addition to their 360 QSO points.  This shows that any member can contribute, sometimes in unexpected ways to the Field Day effort.


Several SJRA Members Enjoy FD HospitalityThis article contains the final score results, slightly different from those published in Harmonics.  It turns out this is only the second time in SJRA FD history that the score was above 18000 points, but it trailed the 2005 all-time high by about 100 points. So this is the second-highest score we have achieved.  In the end the three important results were that we preserved and honed the emergency preparedness capability, no one was injured, and we enjoyed ourselves.  It does not hurt that we are looking forward to being #1 in 7A when all the results are in.