SJRA Centennial

SJRA Centennial Membership

SJRA is pleased to announce a special membership, the Centennial Member, to celebrate the 100th year of the "Oldest Continuously Operating Amateur Radio Club in North America's."

The Centennial Member will have the following privileges:

  • Able to participate in all SJRA 100th Anniversary Radio events as an SJRA member
  • Able to sign "/100" at the end of their call sign (FCC permission pending)
  • Receives an emailed PDF copy of our monthly newsletter, Harmonics
  • Has bragging rights to belong to the "Oldest Continuously Meeting Radio Club in North America"
  • Initiation fees will be waived when converting (prior to June 1, 2017) to a full SJRA membership
  • Includes SJRA 100th Anniversary Coffee Cup
  • Eligible to purchase SJRA Club merchandise such as
    • Additional 100th Anniversary Coffee Cups
    • Special 100th Anniversary patches in multiple sizes
    • Hats, shirts and jackets with the 100th Anniversary Logo
  • Receives a 100th Anniversary Certificate, suitable for framing

Additional privileges and detail can be found in the Centennial Membership Application, as well as instructions on how to become a Centennial Member of SJRA.

If you would like additional information about the history of SJRA, please check out our history page and our interactive timeline. If you are interested in becoming a full, active member of SJRA, please visit our membership page


The SJRA will host a 10-day Centennial QSO Party June 10 through 19 coinciding with the clubs founding on June 12, 1916.  Participants can use just about any mode using their QRP, low power (>150 watts) or high power (<150 watts) stations. Bonus points are awarded for logging an SJRA member station, identified by the call/100 designation, or the clubs K2AA station. Various awards will be made for participationClick on the link to download a PDF of SJRA Centennial QSO Party Guidelines. 

Centennial Members

AF0H David Hamilton Arizona
David.Buttgereit David Buttgereit South Carolina
K0BAK Pete Kobak Pennslyvania
K2QA John O'Connell New Jersey
K2YNY Gil Lugo New York
K3BS Robert Ray Pennsylvania
K3LI Richard Brown Texas
K4QE Anthony Scandurra North Carolina
K9MRN Michael R. Novelle Texas
KA2DHE Jeffery Pennell New Jersey
KB1JEY Michael Davis Pennslyvania
KB6NU Dan Romanchik Missouri
KB8SFG Rod Warner Ohio
KC3BRA James Fisher Pennslyvania
KC9UDX Matthew Widup Wisconsin
N6HPX Larry Fields Phillippines (op as DU1/N6HPX)
W0DHB David Beumer Colorado
W2SJ Bob Fischer New York
W3DNQ Harry Strahlendorf New Jersey
W3TOM Tom Abernethy Maryland
W5RKN Ron Parsons Texas
WB2LKO Mike Slepian New Jersey
WB2WEK Gene Kuhns Haddonfield, New Jersey