Weekly Nets

The SJRA runs weekly nets on 2 meter FM via the K2AA repeater, and 2 meter SSB simplex. 

Our Net Format is General Discussion with topics and comments selected by stations calling in.
Topics and comments respect all people and comply with FCC rules. Politics and Religion are discouraged.

Participation only requires a valid Amateur License – Tech, General or Extra Class.

Interested in becoming a Net Control Operator?
We need one or two good Hams who like to talk and lead a discussion. 
Contact Matthew Grohgans N2IDW


                                                                    NET SCHEDULES


Monday night FM nets on K2AA repeater, 145.290 MHz, PL 91.5 Hz.


1st Monday 8PM, Net Control:   KD2EPM Dom

2nd Monday 8PM, Net Control:  KD2JPV Holden

3rd Monday 8PM, Net Control:  W2FDJ John

4th Monday 8PM, Net Control:   N2IDW Matt

5th Monday 8PM, Net Control: W2CSH Carl


Thursday night Fusion nets on K2AA repeater 145.290 MHz DN mode AMS off.

2nd Thursday 8PM, Net Control:  N2CPR Art

4th Thursday  8PM, Net Control:  WB2EOD Roy


Thursday night SSB nets on 50.150 MHz USB and 144.260 MHz USB Voice 


1st  Thursday 8PM, 6 Meters on 50.150 MHz USB. Horizontal Polarization
Net Control:  N2IDW Matt


3rd Thursday 8PM,  2 Meters on 144.260 USB. Vertical Polarization
Net Control: N2IDW Matt