Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air Airs Oct 19-20

The Boy Scouts will be participating in the annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) next Saturday October 19 from noon until 8 am Sunday morning.  They will be using the K2TD and will be operating on HF as well as the 2m K2UK repeater (146.865 MHz).  Please give them a listen if you can because it is a great activity for the scouts as well as a great opportunity for us to encourage prospective amateur radio operators.  Besides, its a great opportunity to get on the K2UK repeater if you have not tried it.


State QSO Parties and CQ World Wide DX Dot October Calendar

October appears to be the month for participation in state QSO parties, which makes for stimulating weekends for ham radio operators with a mind for contesting.  And the month finishes off with a great contest for DX minded operators on HF.  The ARRL Contest Corral summarizes the major parameters of these contests as well as many others this month – , then select the month from the list near the bottom of the page.  And don’t forget October 23, the date when Mario (N2AK) will present the transmit side of the 40


K2UK Repeaters Join SJRA

K2UK Repeaters Join SJRAAt left, Ray WB2NBJ Camden County Autopatch Repeater Association President shakes the hand of SJRA President Ken K2WB at the ratification of an agreement whereby the K2UK repeaters (Pine Hill at 146.865 and 442.350) were officially donated to SJRA by the CCARA.  SJRA will maintain the repeaters using a fund simultaneously donated, and CCARA members become members of SJRA.  A hearty welcome to Ray, Robert K


September - SJRA Members' Auction and VHF Contest

September is an important time for SJRA members because of the members’auction to be held at the regular club meeting September 25 and because of the ARRL VHF contest that occurs on the weekend of September 14.

At the September meeting any member will be able to auction off his unneeded equipment to an enthusiastic audience looking for bargains.  The $5 fee to auction helps the club treasury and discourages junk items.  So bring your valued but unwanted items to the meeting, and bring a little cash for those treasures you may want to purchase!


August - Good Time for Temporary Antennas, QSO Parties, and Other Contests

August is a time when almost anyone who does not have a large permanent antenna can put up a temporary antenna hung from a tree or pole, and participate in a contest, given 100 W of output power.  A 10 m balun dipole is pretty happy when only 15 ft above the ground!  KV2R has worked the November Sweepstakes this way from his car at the Osage Middle School and also from the Pine Hill Golf Course.  Check out the August contests in the QST Contest Corral at and then click on the desired month of Contest Corral nea


Get Ready for the New Jersey QSO Party! July 27-28

The New Jersey QSO Party will be upon us in just a couple weeks.  It is a good opportunity to make contacts within New Jersey and around the world in a relaxed environment.  So if Field Day is too much like a fire hose for you, the NJQP might be a better fit.  The contest runs from noon to midnight on Saturday July 27 and from 9am to 4pm on Sunday July 28.  See for details.


Good Turnout for SJRA Field Day

A total of 50 members and other participants turned out for SJRA Field Day and picnic on June 22 and 23.  Mother Nature provided nice weather for the setup operation on Friday, and the hospitality operation supplied enough cold water, soft drinks, and hot dogs to keep people going through the operating period and takedown on Sunday afternoon.  Al (N3AVT) also supplied hoagies during setup, and Bob (N2SCJ) and Roy (WB2EOD) cooked hot breakfast items on Saturday and Sunday morning.  The efforts of all these people resulted in a great score of 13224 points for our 6A SNJ entry.  As a bonus (no


Field Day Pics

Here are some pics from Field Day 2013.



K2AA Emergency Communications Workshop and Picnic - June 21, 22, 23

Everyone is reminded that due to a change in ARRL rules, the Emergency Communications Workshop (Field Day) set-up will begin about 9 am on Friday June 21 instead of the usual 2 pm time.

The hope is to finish the Friday set-up effort somewhat earlier than in the past, so that people can get some needed rest.  Or so that you can spend the evening copying the ARRL FD Bulletin for 100 Bonus Points! 


SJRA Rice School Demonstration this Friday, June 7th...

The SJRA will be demonstrating Amateur Radio on Friday June 7th, 2013 at the Rice School in Marlton, NJ. We will be using the club call sign K2AA in three sessions starting around 9:20 AM. We need stations to contact either on the K2AA club repeater or on 40 meters (operating on approximately 7.168Mhz).  SJRA Club members are invited to call in to chat with the children and help create a positive first impression of amateur radio