Vintage Field Day, 1950's Style
by the
South Jersey Radio Association

The South Jersey Radio Association (SJRA) is the oldest continuously operating Amateur Radio Club in the United States, being incorporated June 12, 1916. Their membership is approximately 220 people, mostly from Burlington and Camden Counties in New Jersey. The club callsign is K2AA. They have members from many professions and with many different interests in amateur radio, including DXing, Contesting, Home- brewing, Special Events, Rag Chewing, Packet, Satellites, ATV, Public Service, etc. You name it, and at least one SJRA member does it! SJRA has always had a Field Day. Below is only of them.

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At the Farm, the antenna crew has already installed the Beam on
the Windmill Tower. The communications trailer has just arrived.

Everyone checks out the station inside. It's cramped, but there's room for three to operate.


Down at the end of the field the
Novice HF stations do their thing.

Left is a Collins 32V1 and a Hammarlund HQ120X, and right, the Harvey-Wells
Bandmaster and Hallicrafters Sky-Champion make up the two Novice Stations.

Below, the all-night crew tunes for some DX.


Behind the Barn, the 80-40m HF stations
operate out of the old Chicken Coop.

Left, getting everything hooked-up. Right, operating all night.


The other HF stations are located in the big barn.

Homebrew and military equipment was popular then.


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