January VHF Contest with W2MC/R

W2MC/R in Cape May NJ
Rover at Mt. Mitchell
Rover Op Position
FT-736 in Rover

I am sure most either remember or heard that I went out Roving with my old Ford E150 (full-sized van) for the June 2012 VHF Contest. Well…on the last day of December, I succumbed to the siren-song of a ‘new-to-me’ Ford F-250 pickup, and traded in both my Durango (the daily driver) and the Ford Van (farming/rover vehicle) to purchase the F-250. This, of course, led to a quandary…”how to turn the new pickup into a Rover?” Significant re-think and re-design went into the conversion, but I now have a “new” vehicle for the VHF contests – the Stealth Rover.

Twelve SJRA Stations Join VHF Sweepstakes

A good number of SJRA members tuned in for the VHF Sweepstakes on Jan 19-20, which ran from 2pm Saturday to 11pm Sunday.  In my own log can be counted N3AVT , KF2Y (a new old member), KC2TN, N2CPR, N3RG, W2MC, WB2EOD, KC2THQ, KC2SNI, N2VW, N2MM (a frequent Field Day contributor for SJRA), and N2SCJ.  Note that almost all of these were contacted on 2 or 3 bands.  The SJRA area is becoming a hotbed of activity for the VHF contest.  It was very pleasant and something of a reunion.  With all of this SJRA activity in the VHF contest, participants should turn in their logs to the ARRL and to Jon

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