Inexperienced Hams - Your Opportunity for Field Day

New and inexperienced hams, your time to get into Ham Radio is waiting at the SJRA GOTA station on June 28 and June 29.  Working with the SJRA GOTA coach you will have a chance to operate for SJRA and gain points for Field Day.  You will get experience with calling CQ, responding to contacts, and logging contacts that you make.  GOTA stands for Get On The Air, which is what you will be doing.  And in the process you will be earning points for SJRA!  . .


SJRA CW/RTTY/PSK31 Gurus - Prepare to Shine!

Now is the time to start honing your CW/RTTY/PSK31 skills and equipment in anticipation of the annual W1AW Field Day Bulletin.  A perfect copy of the W1AW Field Day message is a must for any card-carrying CW or RTTY/PSK31 expert, and you can receive a round of applause for presenting the genuine article to Bonus Points chairman KV2R prior to July 10.  Note you can do this at home!


2014 Field Day Planning Begins

Don't be left out on Field Day (June 27-29) this year.  Planning has already begun for SJRA's annual effort at Savich Field in Marlton.  You can assure your place as an operator by negotiating with your favorite band captain for a slot (see Field Day schedule on this web site).  But many other tasks are still open as well, and there never are enough participants.  Field Day is a great chance for less experienced amateurs in the club to absorb the expertise of those who have been working the event for decades.


ARRL November Sweepstakes Dominates November Ham Radio Contests

The annual ARRL SSB November Sweepstakes will occur on Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17. The Sweepstakes offers an opportunity to achieve WAS in 24 hours or to earn a Clean Sweep mug.  It is perhaps the most popular HF radio contest in the United States.  The required exchange is rather long, including a consecutive serial number, a precedence (transmitter power, etc), your call sign, and your check (year of first licensing).  The contest begins at 4pm local time, and entries must be submitted effectively by December 2.


Joe Taylor K1JT Is SJRA November Guest Speaker

Princeton University Professor, Nobel Laureate, and WSJT author Joseph H Taylor will be the honored guest speaker at the November meeting of the SJRA at the Gibson House on November 20.  Professor Taylor, K1JT, is an active ham, has been a ham radio operator since his boyhood days in Cinnaminson, was formerly an SJRA member, and is an Honorary Lifetime Member of SJRA.  In 1993 he and Russell Hulse were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery in 1975 of the first binary pulsar system.  Professor Taylor will speak on topics of interest to ham radio enthusiasts.


SJRA Christmas/Holiday Party December 18 - Updated

The annual SJRA Christmas/Holiday Party has been scheduled for December 18, the night of the usual December members’ meeting.  The dinner will begin at 6:30 PM at the Gibson House.  The price of the party for members or guests is $15.00 (half price for children), as SJRA is picking up a portion of the cost. The evening will include presentation of some club awards and more than the usual good times and opportunities for story-telling.  Please sign up at the November meeting or contact KV2R to reserve your place, as we do need to provide the caterer with a reasonably accurate head count.


Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air Airs Oct 19-20

The Boy Scouts will be participating in the annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) next Saturday October 19 from noon until 8 am Sunday morning.  They will be using the K2TD and will be operating on HF as well as the 2m K2UK repeater (146.865 MHz).  Please give them a listen if you can because it is a great activity for the scouts as well as a great opportunity for us to encourage prospective amateur radio operators.  Besides, its a great opportunity to get on the K2UK repeater if you have not tried it.


State QSO Parties and CQ World Wide DX Dot October Calendar

October appears to be the month for participation in state QSO parties, which makes for stimulating weekends for ham radio operators with a mind for contesting.  And the month finishes off with a great contest for DX minded operators on HF.  The ARRL Contest Corral summarizes the major parameters of these contests as well as many others this month – , then select the month from the list near the bottom of the page.  And don’t forget October 23, the date when Mario (N2AK) will present the transmit side of the 40



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