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Updating Field Day Most Recent Year Button

This needs to be done every year because the button has the ARRL logo for FD for that year.  Both the picture, the label, and the link to the actual page must be updated.  The new 20XX Field Day Summary page should be already created in the system, including text and pictures, and should be complete and finished.


Inserting Links in Web Site

I thought it would be useful to insert a short description of the process for linking from one page to another since it was not obvious to me.  My example is the link to the field day sign-up page from the main field day page.  In order to insert a link first type into the text some words that refer to the destination one desires.  One must be in the edit mode to do this.  For example, in order to take people to the FD sign-up page, I inserted the words "find yourself an open operating slot" into the main FD page article.  Then I highlighted those words using the left mouse button.  Then I


Editing Tables in Drupal

I have been able to edit some of the properties of tables in the web site.



The club UPS may be failing.  Twice now it's misbehaved.  It switches to battery power (most likely corrrectly).  When the power returns seconds later it stays on battery power.  I've been home both times and managed to do an orderly shutdown of 5 VMs and one VM Host.  Then I power cycle the UPS and it works again. It now appears that the front panel display is getting intermittent.  If it happens one more time, I'll need to take action.  Exactly what action is TBD.


CKEditor profile was updated.

Per request, I added more buttons to CKEditor.  This will only be apparent when the text format is set to "Full HTML".


Forums were disabled

Forums were disabled about a week ago as I received no positive feedback.


Users Tab/Menu

See the Users Tab/Menu, currently on Dev.  It appears to be integrated into the contact module.  You can send a message to a user without you knowing their email address.  This needs to be tested.

In the absence of any positive feedback this functionality will "go away" next time dev is refreshed.



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