Forums Have Been Enabled

Forums have been enabled for authenticated users (logged on).  You can find this on the Navigation menu.  I have noticed that other then the users initial logon, other than editorial staff, no one is logging on so its not likely anyone will see the Forums but us.


CKEditor upgraded.

CKEditor was upgraded to version 7.x-1.13. This is a bug fix and new feature upgrade.


Shared User Account

The following user account was setup for club members who do not have their own account.

USER = SJRA-Member
PASS = cqdxcq73

Most members have their own account and should be encouraged to use their own account as it may have additional access.  No roles will be assigned to this account other than the standard built-in "authenticated user".


User Accounts

I have created a user accounts for most all club members.  I was unable to create User Accounts for anyone without a unique (non shared) email address.


Check out the Forums on Dev

Forums were installed on  They need to be configured.  Logon to dev and take a look.



How this Web Site Works

This is an outline of the Infrastructure used to make the SJRA web site work.


UPS (battery backup) was provided by SJRA to support the server and auxiliary equipment provided by Bob.

Server (more correctly the virtual machine host) was provided by N2SCJ and is an Acer Tower with the following specifications: Intel Core i5 (Quad Core/CPU), 8G of RAM, and 1.5T of disk.  The server is located at N2SCJ's house.


Harmonics Download

Scroll down to bottom of Harmonics page.  There are download Blocks in the Triptych display area.  Triptych first contains URLs to download 2011 issues.  Triptych middle contains URLs to download 2012 issues.  Triptych last contains URLs to download 2013 issues.  These Blocks display only for "authenticated user" and higher roles.


Web Team Tab

This View hits on articles tagged as "system" and displays for WR, and higher privliged roles.  If you are not logged on, then you are in the "anonymous" role and consequently you will not see the Web-Team tab.



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