Table Construction on Web - Experience

Some helpful (hopefully) hints after making a table that looks approximately right:
1. You must go to Add Content to get to the edit mode for an article, page, or blog
2. You must be in rich text input format to get to the CKEditor that allows you to make tables.
3. You must select the Full HTML mode to make the table characters work in the input. You can actually do this after the fact if you forget the first time.


Terms and Conditions for use of this Site

In order to create content/logon, you must be a member in good standing.

Posted content must be factual (not opinion).
Posted content must be acceptable for all audiences and age groups.
Posted content must be for the benefit for the SJRA, secondly amateur radio.
Posted content must not be offensive to any other group, people or individuals.
Posted content becomes the intellectual property of SJRA.


Site was cloned from N2SCJ site.

Since I was having trouble with automated emails and Drupal updates using the Bitnami Drupal Distribution, I decided to abort work on that site and make a copy of Drupal site. From that copy, I intend to delete N2SCJ content, and add back in the SJRA content.

I need to configure emails and confirm Drupal Updates still works.



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